Why use myClinic2u software?

We are specializing in healthcare information system to automate transactions, in patient information, appointments, clinical, inventory and administrative context for Doctors. Patients can save medical records and access it anytime and anywhere you want. Also share with authorise caregivers and even family so they can keep updated with your health progress.

Cloud Computing

This low-cost computing power is gaining popularity in healthcare centre

Customize Reports

Design to easily create smart reports for patients, doctors and healthcare centres

Marketing Partner

We are here to improve your strong customer relationships performances

Highly Customizable

Built for flexibility. We use the MVC system to let you customise each view.

Great Support

Documentation, videos and helpdesk are there to guide you step by step

Efficient & Reliable 

Our extensions include many features and integrations that make them very complete

Easy to Use

Easy to user with a user-friendly interface

Always On Top

We ensure compatibility with each new version are added frequently